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Flashback Friday: 90s Milla Jovovich Hotness

I was watching cable the other day and caught that biopic CHAPLIN, starring the coked out version of Robert Downey Jr. barely holding it together to play the legendary silent film star. Not a great film IMO, although one of it's great virtues were the memorable scenes involving naked Milla Jovovich , playing one of Chaplin's young brides. It was an accurate portrayal in many ways,...
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Whatever Milla Jovovich took before this Vogue Turkey shoot, I wanna share

I knew she was a wild child in her earlier years. One of the youngest models to start appearing on covers of magazines, Milla Jovovich was always an ambitious woman, pursuing a career in Hollywood even if her starting roles were as the hippie chick in DAZED & CONFUSED who does nothing more than look good and pretend to play guitar. (In all fairness, that came after her botched attempts at...
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