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Katie Holmes has searched far and wide, but has finally found her hotness again

Woah! it's the latest episode of Return of Katie Holmes and the Attack of the Killer Legs! Huh.  Not to say that Katie Holmes has ever been ugly, but the fact of the matter is Katie hasn't seemed article-worthy lately. Blame Tom Cruise, blame Scientology, blame the government, blame whatever you want, but I blame Katie Holmes. How dare you cover up your body like ever other mother in...

Paris Hilton returns after a 12 year exile (in a bikini, too)

Okay, look, I'm not saying that I like Paris Hilton . I don't even like Paris, France, but the fact that the girl has pretty much been M.I.A. for the last 12 years, it seems, and has just now reappeared looking pretty, decently okay in a bikini…that's something that has to be addressed, right?  For the record, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but why are these...

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