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Break out the party balloons and celebrate the fact that we have some new pics of Emma Stone

It's been months since we had any reason to post anything featuring Emma Stone . She seems to be content to disappear off the celebrity radar scope ever since taking up with her Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield. That absence might seem like a lack of interest in her public profile, but I think it's just the opposite. She seems very concerned with how she shows up in the media, never wanting...
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Olivia Wilde is like a big stick a butta

Sadly, our 4-day Kelly Brook bikini extravaganza is over, now that she's back home in foggy London town. However, equally lusted after object of desire Olivia Wilde is filling in for her with an appearance at some hair color thing yesterday named after dairy products. Funny how Olivia has associated herself with butter quite a bit lately. Her's is a gorgeous face, though she appears to...
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Emma Stone is nearly naked in the worst way, send complaints to Revlon

Where are the comment cards when you need them? Sure, you can find one sitting on every table at a Carl's Jr restaurant so that half-a-brain-cell idiots can get people fired over the lack of fluffiness in their breakfast biscuit, but hot damn do we have some major problems with Revlon selling us Emma Stone as nearly naked and then having it turn out to be just a way to describe foundation....
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