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Hey, guys. We got a new sumpin' sumpin' happening over on our Joblo YouTube Channel called The Moviehotties 6-Pack. This is a weekly feature where we compile a list (guess how many) of a select group of hotties who do their thing especially well. This week, we've put together a list of the Hottest Female Hunters in Movies. Check it out below! Pretty cool, huh? Does it give...

Gal Gadot sets the Stndrd for hotness at the Riddick premiere

Seemed like Vin Diesel was inviting all his acting buddies to the premiere of the new RIDDICK movie the other day. Even his Fast & Furious co-stars were there, like the delectable Gal Gadot . I've got a friend who's absolutely nuts over this woman, going so far as to let out a loud "F*CK YOU" right there in the theater when Gal's character Giselle meets her unfortunate fate at the end of the...

Tricia Helfer brings the epic sideboob for Riddick

I was thrown off a bit by the sight of Katee Sackhoff getting all girly at Vin Diesel's Hollywood star ceremony the other day. Nothing at all out of place about Katee's real life good buddy Tricia Helfer showing Vin a little sideboob love at the RIDDICK premiere last night in LA. This is exactly the kind of outfit you expect the woman who played Number 6 on BSG to wear. That's a hot...

Katee Sackhoff is alarmingly girly for Riddick

Katee Sackhoff was on hand for the proceeds of Vin Diesel's $30K payment to the city of Hollywood, one of their celebrated Walk of Fame stars. I still can't believe they have to pay for that shit, but I suppose that's the case for most things anymore. BSG went off the air like 4 years ago, yet I'm still taken aback a little by the sight of Katee in girl clothes. For some reason I can't get...

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