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April Love Geary shows off her oiled-up bikini butt

You could write a thousand-page novel about the many adventures of Robin Thicke's appendage – the places it's been, the things it's seen – the guy has laid more pipe than Roto-Rooter. After sailing through the choppy waters of his divorce with ex-wife – and mega-hottie – Paula Patton, The 40-year-old singer/songwriter docked in port April Love Geary , a...
7 days ago
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The Top Ten Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2014

Each year promises a new influx of sad, stupid, annoying, ridiculous and even criminal turns for the folks in celebrity circles. It can be a strange and sometimes frustrating thing, watching the lives and careers of famous folk go off the rails before a morbidly curious crowd of media onlookers. That's because celebrities almost always do their best to make themselves look good. Yet like any...
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Face Off: Emily Ratajkowski vs. Victoria Justice

Pretty much a split between Ashley Benson and Imogen Poots in last week's Face Off . Makes sense, considering they are quite similar. Although I think the split had more to do with opposite sides favoring their choice in equal numbers. There's no confusing this week's Face Off competitors. Emily Ratajkowski and Victoria Justice couldn't be more dissimilar in their public...
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Paula Patton's Vanity prompts her to be Fairly topless

You may recognize Paula Patton as the woman unable to stop publicly proclaiming her love for her husband who she's currently separated from, the dubiously famous singer Robin Thicke. I've never seen anyone gush on and on so much about a person she apparently doesn't want to be with, only still totally does. Such behavior has mostly eclipsed her previous status as an actress in movies like...
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Sexy TwitPics: Emily Ratajkowski

Well, some of you schmoes took kindly to professional bikini exhibitionist Claudia Romani's TwitPics , while others did not. It's not so easy to please everyone all the time... in fact it's downright impossible. Some schmoes visit this column with an expectation to see lot of "sexy" shots from some semi-famous social media junkie. Others favor...
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Face Off: Emily Ratajkowski vs. Nina Agdal

In the battle of the baldheaded geek hotties , it was a clear win for Natalie Portman over Karen Gillan . Yeah, I love both those girls, but Natalie definitely has the advantage without hair. Now let that hair grow out and you've got a whole different ballgame these two. Models, models, models. In this job, you see all kinds of models. There are so many I sometimes lose track of them...
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It's Ms. Ratajkowski if you're nasty

Emily Ratajkowski has usually, up to this point, been the topless girl from the Blurred Lines video. I've known her more as the topless chick from the tons of nude photo shoots she does, unlike this one for Nasty Gal where she managed to leave some semblance of clothes on for a minute. Being known as someone who goes topless a lot is great, but now she's got the additional honor of being the...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Miley Cyrus

Personally I'm not a big fan of little old Hannah Montana. That's right folks, I'm talking Miley Cyrus today. In my opinion the chicks tries way, way too hard and that's just a turn-off for me. Regardless there's no denying Cyrus' latest act-out is a bit controversial. You all know what I'm talking about. Cyrus' performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards where she went and...
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