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The Hottie Stop interviews Abbie Cornish, star of Robocop

Abbie Cornish is the beautiful Australian actress best known for her turns battling dragons in SUCKER PUNCH and putting up with Colin Farrell’s crap in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. Earlier this year, she appeared alongside Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman in ROBOCOP , playing the wife of half-man, half-machine Alex Murphy. With the Blu-ray release of the action thriller looming, Abbie took some time...
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Abbie Cornish was actually the hottie to beat at the Robocop premiere

Remember that post of Olivia Munn at the red carpet for ROBOCOP I put up? Well, when doing so I thought she was the hottie to beat. Well, I made a mistake and I'm sorry, okay? While there's no denying she looked lovely, there was something seriously lacking in those set of pictures. And that is boobs. Abbie Cornish brought her boobs to the premiere and showed off her boobs and boobs make...
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Olivia Munn doesn't show the goods for Robocop, still looks fantastic

Wow. I didn't even know the remake of ROBOCOP came out so soon. I guess some other people were a little more ahead of the curve with Olivia Munn looking all cute and freckly at the premiere. While she's totally looking hot, the awful perverted side to me wishes that there was a little more skin exposed, but I can do without that for now, I suppose. Imagination is a great weapon. It kind of...
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Abbie Cornish continues to compel in DT Spain

There really are too many magazines out there in this overtly digital world. While I might be someone who still enjoys the feel and presence of pulp in my hands, I'm starting to feel outnumbered as I watch tablet users in my general surroundings everywhere I go. Sure, I have a Kindle but it's an old model that was given to me from a friend whose ex forgot it at her house and neglected to...
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BOTB Remakes 2014 Edition: Joy Bryant vs Abbie Cornish vs Gabriella Wilde

Seems all you need to change the collective fanboy nation's mind is a great set of tits. That is, if you go by the results of last week's Battle of the Babes, where newly nude scened Alexandra Daddario bested one of the usual favorites, Emmy Rossum. Emilia Clarke wasn't left out in the dust but Khaleesi still has some headway to make in gaining a firm fan base. This week, since I keep...
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