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Camilla Belle rocks shorter locks at the Carolina Herrera Rodeo Boutique opening

We're not seeing enough of Camilla Belle lately in movies and such, so it's a nice change of pace to stumble upon some images of her while she was out on rodeo drive on Wednesday, at the opening of a fashion boutique by designer Carolina Herrera. It's not a huge difference what's going on with her hair, but I have to say, whether it's the slightly shorter cut or the way it's been styled for...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead walks for fashion

Ughhh, all this fashion show shit. It's just one after another with these things, all angling for celebs like Mary Elizabeth Winstead to come out and look pretty next to whatever they're hocking. This "event," called the Rodeo Drive Walk of Fashion, was giving BVLGARI a nice stroking for their overpriced crap. Getting a look at beauties like Mary is about the only reason I can think of for...

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