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Ariel Winter is a Rogue one with her hotness

Again with the puns. I can't help it. Hopefully you didn't assume this was some sort of connection being made between Ariel Winter and STAR WARS. Other than having a body that's out of this world, there isn't much of a connection. Nah, Ariel's just doing her thing for Rogue magazine in yet another set of pictures by photographer Irwin Rivera. Girl is the shit this year, no doubt about it....
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Deborah Ann Woll's new magazine spread earns her 7 years bad luck

Those of you prone to superstition will probably find much of what's going on in Deborah Ann Woll's new spread a bit disturbing. I'm not prone to superstition, so I can simply admire the wonderful qualities of the Daredevil star doing her thing. Although I'm a little concerned for her fingers in a few of these. Glass shards in the skin are bitch. I do really like how they brought back a...
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Hottie Clip: Ashley Greene in Rogue (2016)

Despite what your local news reporters may want you to believe, sometimes good things happen in this world. In fact, occasionally an event will come along to blow our minds and remind us that straight up spectacular things can happen. The latest such miracle of sorts comes from the giving heart of  Ashley Greene , who recently made her fans very happy on the Audience...
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Face Off: Anna Paquin vs. Ellen Page

Another too close to call comparison between Lake Bell and Lizzy Caplan in last week's Face Off . They are similar in a lot of ways. I'm still smitten by Lake's banging body though. That thing is just incredible. We got the next big installment of the X-MEN movie franchise premiering on Friday. And it does look like a big one. There are so many mutants running around in this thing I...
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BOTB Monster Movie Babes: Elizabeth Olsen vs Lizzy Caplan vs Radha Mitchell

It's hard to keep a good neighbor down, especially those who competed in last week's Battle of the Babes where many of you were resoundingly positive for all three, just a few more for Kaley Cuoco than for the others. It was a great week for the movie NEIGHBORS as well, besting the highest hopes the studio had for the movie with its SPIDER-MAN trumping #1 place at the box office. Now...
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Face Off: X-Men Hotties vs. X-men: First Class Hotties

Mary-Louise Parker destroyed her competition, Catherine Zeta-Jones by a 16 to 5 vote in last week's Face Off . That was another one of those times when I fully expected my vote to go to one way, but ended up going another. Like many of you, I always thought I liked MLP the best, but then I put my decision-making process through the Face Off filter and it turned out CZJ was more my...
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Thandie Newton has a fantastic set of legs on her

I'm generally favorable toward Thandie Newton as a person. She's cute, she's got a nice body, she's English. I don't think there's anything particularly controversial or unsavory about her. Yet for some strange reason I can't stand her in anything. I don't know why that is, but her performances always seem to bother me. For instance, her role in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is one of the few...
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