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Hottie Clip of the Day: Jessica Biel

Today's hottie clip comes from ACCIDENTAL LOVE, a romantic comedy starring A-listers Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel , which was just released on home video ( pick it up here ). The film also happens to be the latest directorial effort from multi-time Academy Award nominee David O. Russell. So how is it that you and I haven't even heard about it? Beats me,...

Face Off: Leighton Meester vs. Gillian Jacobs

So ya'll disagreed with me about who should win last week's Face Off , deciding that Elisha Cuthbert was the better choice than Grace Park . Well, that's going to happen from time to time. Clearly you folks are unencumbered by any BSG memories. I'm always going to have a special bias for the ladies from that show. This week sees the wide release of the Leighton Meester and...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Juno Temple

How do you guys feel about Juno Temple? Sure the chick isn't knock out gorgeous but I think she's sexy as all hell. At least she can be. And folks, in today's Hottie Clip of the Day Juno Temple is all kinds of sexy! This scene comes from the dark comedy THE BRASS TEAPOT and features Temple dressed in some sexy ass lingerie asking her husband to spank her. Yeah, she's bent over with...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Jennifer Aniston

You can't go wrong using a Jennifer Aniston clip as the Hottie Clip of the Day, right? Right. I mean come on, the woman is absolutely gorgeous! And she's sexy as all-hell. Whether it be in the mid-90s or just last week Aniston is always a-top the hottie list. So for today's clip we're taking a look at Aniston in the flick THE BREAK-UP. And when I say we're looking at Aniston, I mean...

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