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Hottie Clip of the Day: Rosanna Arquette

Anyone here familiar with a little film called I-SEE-YOU.COM? It seems like one of those movies that never really hit the surface, mainly because it never got a big release. I haven't seen the flick, and I can't find a review of it by any established critics. The only 3 reviews on are from random people, and they're completely mixed. I don't...
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Face Off: Rosanna Arquette vs. Patricia Arquette

Pretty much everybody agreed that in the battle between Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz , Penelope comes out on top. I'm glad you guys could figure out a winner. Choosing between these two is like trying to decide between two identical Ferraris. No way for me to choose. This week in our third and final Battle of the Sisters, we're getting into the way back machine and making a couple...
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