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Rose Leslie shows off her Dior undies in a see-through red dress for Olivier

I think Rose Leslie looks positively adorable on the arm of her former Game of Thrones co-star and real-life boyfriend, Kit Harington. I've read a number of cheeky comments from those fans who don't want the two to be together, mostly stuff hating on the Bastard John Snow, which is a bit silly. If I had to judge a person based on the character they played, well, nevermind. The two were...
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The Top 10 Hottest Women from Game of Thrones

Howdy to a whole new year. It's hard to think that we're edging closer to the 20-years-since-Y2K-craziness marker but it's even harder to process just how popular the HBO series "Game of Thrones," a twisty-turny-topsy-turvy-killy-beheady show could become. You used to have to stay up until past 2am and tune into Cinemax in order to see the amount of hot, naked women that this fantasy series...
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Someone's 12 year old nephew must have taken these Rose Leslie pics for Instyle UK

I love me some Rose Leslie because she's a good looking ginger who has some actual facial expression, unlike many of her contemporaries. I really hate whomever was put in charge of her photoshoot for the December 2015 issue of InStyle UK, where they seemed to be trying harder to find some kind of kitschy angle to snap Rose rather than focus on the piece of art she is as a person. All of the...
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Rose Leslie takes off her furs, talks getting vetted by Vin in Interview magazine

Earlier this week, many of you declared Rose Leslie to be quite the hottie in her Hot or Not feature . It makes sense that there's a new photoshoot of the "Game of Thrones" actress in Interview magazine, with her movie THE LAST WITCH HUNTER hitting theaters today. In the Q&A with the magazine, she explains how she was flown into Los Angeles to meet with the movie's...
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Hot or Not: Rose Leslie

Most of you were in agreement with me on Halston Sage, a super hot young lady who is fairly forgettable, insomuch as she's traditionally, unremarkably hot. She could be any hot girl, not the hot girl, essentially. Why do I keep featuring women who are so plainly hot? Well, that's what Hollywood tends to dish out to us, just as they do the movie franchises that predictably most people...
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We're not oblivious to Rose Leslie's beauty for Instyle UK

When she was first hired on to play Ygritte on "Game of Thrones," ginger goddess Rose Leslie really had no idea what she was getting herself into. In her interview with Instyle UK magazine, Leslie admits, "I was so naive at first. I was oblivious to how huge the fan base was, so I didn't feel too much pressure. I was shooting my first season in Iceland with a tight crew,...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Rose Leslie, from Game of Thrones and Honeymoon!

Rose Leslie is the fiery Scottish actress known round the world as Ygritte, "Game of Thrones'" resourceful and deadly wildling who alternately loved and loathed stoic Jon Snow, going so far as to try to kill her former lover. ("You know nothing, Jon Snow" would soon become one of the show's more popular catchphrases.) Rose is having relationship problems of a much different, but no less...
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Rose Leslie puts the ginger eye candy in You magazine

While she's hot off of her "Game of Thrones" reign as the Bastard's hot piece of ginger tail, Rose Leslie is striking. Not just in terms of her looks - the redheaded Scotslady looks outstanding in the sadly small photoset that she did for You magazine - but in her career as well. Her latest role is that of Bea in HONEYMOON, out right now in limited release. The movie is a horror flick...
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All the fine Game of Thrones hotties turn out for the season 4 premiere

Yep, it's almost that time. Time to see who they're ready to kill off next in the grand medieval spectacle of beloved character slaughter known as Game of Thrones, which premiered its 4th season in NYC last night. Of course HBO brought the whole cast out for the event, including some of yours and my favorite hottie cast members. Apart from the excruciating death scenes, GoT also brings the hot...
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