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Hayden Panettiere forgot to pretend to not be impressed

I really, really wish I had the physical capability of doing something really cool. Like parkour, or skateboarding or walking up a flight of stairs without fainting halfway out of sheer exhaustion. Those attributes would definitely help me out with scoring a hottie like Hayden Panettiere . I'm assuming that's how her giant man baby Wladimir Klitschko managed to get her. Or maybe it's because...

Hilary Duff and her leather bound legs n' booty go flower shopping

It drives me crazy when these paparazzi don't get pictures of perfectly good asses. Look, guys. If you're going to attack a (hot) celebrities' personal space, you might as well go the full mile and get pics of all their goodies. Boobs, arse and all. Come on. Is this amateur hour? Hilary's booty is what prompted some poets to write their best shit and the fact that it was...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Mena Suvari

For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we're revisiting a classic with Sam Mendes' AMERICAN BEAUTY. I know what you're asking yourself right now - which clip are we going to see?? There are so many to chose from! Firstly, there aren't that many. Secondly, today we've got the fantasy Kevin Spacey dreams about! Let's be honest, wouldn't you consider a dream about Mena Suvari naked in a...

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