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Arianna Grande is a cute, black & white kitty who probably hates you

Of all the new generation of former Disney/Nickelodeon hotties out there ramping up the sexy for attention, it feels like Ariana Grande has to work the hardest to make a good impression. Hotties like Victoria Justice or Vanessa Hudgens seem content to let the sexy just kind of waft off them like a powerful pheromone. Ariana, on the other hand, appears to require a schtick to get herself...

Jaimie Alexander drives 'em bananas

Jaimie Alexander was at some event celebrating something that Banana Republic did for whatever reason no one cares about. What's important is that she was there and looking hot. She wasn't see thru here, but she was wearing the nude colored bit, which is pretty good. Indications seem to be that she's one of the leading candidates to play Wonder Woman, should that character appear in the...

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and her lesbian lovers have a good relationship

Despite being an on again, off again item for over a year, there is very little known and a whole lot speculated about in terms of what sort of relationship Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have with one another. Just like in nature, celebrity gossip circles abhor a vacuum of information, which leaves the door open to suspect claims from so-called insiders about what goes on between them....

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