Demi Lovato shows off her beautiful butt in St. Barts

I don't know what it is exactly that gives me the skeeves about Wilmer Valderrama, other than all of the gossip tabloid stuff. Or perhaps it was the way he looked put out by the affection that his hot girlfriend, Demi Lovato was showing him when she trucked his ungrateful ass to St. Barts for a mini vacation while she prepped for a show there. He should be happy to be with someone who is...
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Krysten Ritter's booty marks the spot in a treasure map bikini

Well, hello now. I had no idea that the former B in 23 had such a rowdy little rump on her. Krysten Ritter took her sweet butt to Cancun for a bit of a vacation. She recently finished up filming "Jessica Jones," her Marvel series that will make its debut on NetFlix in November. I've loved on Ritter since she (and Lake Bell) helped to make the otherwise cringy (I say it's a word, dammit)...
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Katharine McPhee's beautiful booty got beaded for the Creative Arts Emmys

It's always a pleasure to see the gorgeous Katharine McPhee , whether it's getting wet on the set of her show "Scorpion," rocking a bikini while on vacation with friends or doing it for the nerds at SDCC. Kat seems to have a knack of putting herself together in exactly the way that the situation requires, this time for the red carpet at the 2015 Creative Emmy Awards. I don't know who...
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Kelly Brook's rump in a romper

Maybe it's always been there, but this certainly seems to be the summer of the romper. Or maybe it's been trending for a long time, just not with all the fantasy ladies of la la land. Whatever the case may be, I am certainly glad more bombshells like Kelly Brook are making it an outfit of choice -- especially when they decide to wear the ones that come up right under the ass...
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Rita Ora poolside without makeup, with a tremendous ass

The British singer who is usually recognized by her bright red lipstick decided to go bare while she was vacationing poolside in Ibiza, something that most people would point out is a bad thing. A woman without makeup on?!?! Aghast come the cries. I like her this way. I think she's a unique beauty and seeing her without the full paint gun blasted on her puss is making me see Rita Ora as the...
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