Check out redhead hottie Katherine McNamara playing on her lawn

It's a shame that someone so cute and hot like Katherine McNamara clearly is, still feels the need to setup obvious fake candid things like those below, where the lovely redheaded hottie does a little pre-run stretching. You'd think someone possessing of so much natural beauty wouldn't have any need for this kind of artificial attention-grabbing. She should be constantly inundated with folks...
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Vanessa Hudgens and her midriff get caught going on a hike

Poor thing. Whenever I somehow muster up the desire to go workout or jog or whatever impossible physical activity, the last thing I want is for people to see my ugly ass, much less take pictures of it. I suppose it's a good thing Vanessa Hudgens is so damn pretty. Given, getting her picture taken probably has her on the verge of wanting to explode, but at least we get nice pics out of it....
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Anne Hathaway shows off her body in tight workout attire

If there's one thing that's never really changed, it's my love of long hair. It's one of the sexiest things in the world to have a woman with hair down to her ass waving it around like a magic wand and then later slapping me in the face with it. I f*cking love it. I'm also a massive fan of Anne Hathaway . I think she's absolutely gorgeous, but when she chopped her locks off for LES...
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