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Irina Shayk gets rid of those annoying clothes for GQ

I've always thought the best styles for a model to wear are no styles at all, otherwise known as bare ass nekid. I know that defies the whole reason for having models in the first place, but I don't care about that. If they're going to put a hot body like Irina Shayk in front of us, then I want that body to be displayed in its entirety. Fortunately a couple different issues of GQ Europe...
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Forget Lindsay Lohan, Anne Vyalitsyna has the primo freckled bosom to ogle

You would think that I would be more familiarized with Anne Vyalitsyna . The Russian-American model has had her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ticket stamped for 10 consecutive years, making her one of the most featured models in the magazine's special edition of recent years. But sadly, I've seen more coverage of Lindsay Lohan and her special brand of madness. Sure, she started out as...
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Irina Shayk overestimated the capacity of her bikini top

I'm not sure why model Irina Shayk has been spending so much time on Sardinian beaches lately with her boyfriend, Bradley Cooper. I suppose if you're someone fortunate enough to be dating Irina or Bradley, then absconding to tropical locations for an extended amount of time is the exact sort of thing you might choose to do. While having her fun in the Sardinia sun the other day, events...
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Ain't no aliens going to read Irina Shayk's mind

I'm going to go ahead and assume there's some kind of hair treatment technique behind Irina Shayk supplementing her tiny little bikini with a literal tin foil hat. Either that or Irina has been watching too much Ancient Aliens . We haven't seen much of Irina since she took up with Bradley Cooper. Makes sense. If I were Bradley Cooper and could have my way with a super hot, Russian...
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Robbie, Shayk and Steinfeld represented the best of 2016's Met Gala hotties

I've been covering these Met Costume Gala things for years now and I still only have a tenuous idea about what exactly this is for. As I understand it, this event is supposed to be like a fundraiser thing for the Met's Costume museum thing. What it's actually become over the years is a contest to see who can make the most glitzy splash on a red carpet in something absurdly over the top....
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Russian model Tanya Mityushina puts a new spin on see-through

Tanya Mityushina isn't just one of the newer faces gracing the pages of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Apparently the leggy Russian has also been set dressing for movies such as DON JON and the upcoming Sarah Dumont/Anton Yelchin film, RISE. There's little that I've been able to figure out about Tanya, other than she's around 25 years old (even her Wiki page is confused as to...
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Let's check out some more of X-Files hottie Annet Mahendru

I'm still trying to get a handle on what all was happening on last night's rebirth of The X-Files . They were packing a lot of stuff into one episode. Something about homemade UFOs, friendly aliens, Alex Jones brand paranoia, and shady government scientist informers. Hey, it wouldn't be The X-Files without some labyrinthine conspiracy theory. One thing that did come through loud...
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Irina Shayk was born to wear sexy lingerie

I put my various supermodels into different classes. There are the cute ones, or the voluptuous ones, or the overtly sexual ones. Irina Shayk here represents the exotic variety of supermodel, which is probably my favorite of the bunch. They've got that rare beauty about them that's the most deserving of being singled out to represent what's most beautiful in human beings. I think that...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Anna Semenovich

There's no confirmed explanation as to why I've found myself getting more and more into hotties from foreign films as of late. Perhaps I'm subconsiously trying to expand my personal hottie rolodex by adding some new faces, or just the thrill itself of discovering gorgeous women we have no real reason to have heard of, which brings us to Russian babe  Anna Semenovich ....
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Yuliya Lasmovich is Russian for freaking hot

Eastern European hotties like model Yuliya Lasmovich here are one of my weaknesses. Well, most fine ass women are weaknesses of mine, but that special brand of beautiful and hot they enjoy over in those former Eastern Block nations really do a number on me. I just can't get over not only how beautiful these women are and also how many of them there are. You'd think someone this perfectly put...
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The Russian Barbie thing is starting to spread

You look light on incredulity today, so meet Ms. Angelica Kenova , otherwise known as Anzhelika Kenova, aka The Human Barbie . You've probably heard about this phenomena before where Eastern European people aspire to life as inanimate dolls. The most famous of these strange people goes by the name of Valeria Lukyanova. < Pretty nuts, right? Now there's this...
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Face Off: Olga Kurylenko vs. Irina Shayk

More of you were into Renee Olstead than Debby Ryan in last week's Face Off . Yeah, you saw those nude pics too, didn't you? They were persuasive. This week sees Olga Kurylenko in Russell Crowe's sweeping WWI epic THE WATER DIVINER, playing a Turkish hottie. In reality she's a Ukrainian hottie, one of many unbelievably beautiful and built models that nation gifts to the world....
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