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Vergara, Rodriguez and Lively were appropriately angellic at the Angel Ball

There were doubly good things happening at this year's star-studded Angel Ball event. Not only was it a good chance to ogle some hotties, but it's all for a good cause too, namely finding cures for cancer. Sounds like a win-win. Plenty of hotties were there, among them Sofia Vergara , Michelle Rodriguez and Blake Lively . Of course the first two were in their usual fine form. Blake, as you...

Anna Kendrick is a bejeweled beauty for TIFF premiere of Voices

The Toronto International Film Festival was the place to be if you wanted to see some premium hotness on the red carpets, what with all of the films starring the top talent. Anna Kendrick had been seen earlier in the festival when she took to the circuit with Jennifer Aniston for the CAKE premiere, as well as when she showed off some major back at THE LAST 5 YEARS premiere. This time...

Blake Lively is graceful at Cannes

Have you noticed how you rarely see Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds together? They showed up together at the Met Gala the other day, but usually they're on their own. They've been married for almost two years now, which is still solidly within newlywed territory. You'd think they'd still be taking every opportunity to be with one another. Opportunities like the celebrations at the Cannes that...

Gemma Arterton's gorgeousness sure makes for an eyeful

Gemma Arterton is just so insanely gorgeous it hurts. With her striking eyes, perched lips and freckles galore, she just has so much going on with her face that my eyeballs study each and every inch of it like someone pasted google eyes on me and shook me around for ten minutes. Props go to body as well, which looks like it's just begging to burst out of that dress she has on. If that were...

Another event where Blake Lively is Ryan Reynolds-less

I may have at one point but right now I have absolutely no reason to believe that Ryan Reynolds isn't gay and that his current wife, Blake Lively isn't just another glorified blonde beard as Scarlett Johansson was before her. While I can grasp the concept that some couples like to be private, neither of the women that Reynolds chose to betroth are of that variety. ScarJo was (and still...

Blake Lively looks unlawfully hot at children's film premiere

Is it allowed to look this hot at a film premiere? Not just any premiere, it's the premiere for TURBO , a movie I'm fairly certain is for kids (and, very possibly, snail enthusiasts, I know more than a few). Blake Lively and her breasts are going to overpower these poor children's fragile little minds (look how stupid it made Ryan Reynolds). Her beauty is for real,...

Blake Lively struts her healthy stems down NYC streets

Blake Lively emerged from her prolonged post wedding bliss obscurity yesterday to stretch those fine legs of hers for some random fashion thing, demonstrating to the world what lower extremities are supposed to look like on a woman. Damn, what is it about thigh highs that's so freaking hot? You'd think something that covers up such a fine set of legs would be an annoyance. Yet somehow it...

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