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Sabine Jemeljanova offering sexually laced platitudes for Zoo Magazine

Who would've thought you could be in sound philosophical agreement with a woman whose job it is to show her ass and tits in front of the camera lens. Low and behold: I found myself nodding along in total accordance with all of the sexually tainted point of views that this curvaceous, flesh model extraordinaire had on her mind. Say what you will, but Sabine Jemeljanova has a perspective;...
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Nuts envisions what the greatest office ever might look like

I hate offices. They're just miserable places where no one wants to be and only choose to endure because they're slightly less inclined to living in a refrigerator box. However, I think I could get used to an office concept like the one Nuts has come up with. What guys haven't wasted a ton of time imagining what their hot coworkers look like out of their business attire? In the Nuts...
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I might not be able to pronounce Sabine Jemeljanova's name, but I like the cut of her jib

We feature a lot of busty models here at MovieHotties, where the only people holding us to the movie part of that title are a handful of Schmoes who get disgruntled when we're not being specific. Hotties is as Hotties does, in my opinion and Forrest Gump's, so I have no problem bringing to you another model who happens to mainly be getting attention for being a good looking girl with some very...
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