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I'm trying to find the words to describe Salma Hayek without being disrespectful

BOOBIES! I mean… This is gonna be harder than I thought. While Salma Hayek is an absolutely gorgeous woman, the cleavage goddess has a power all their own. I'd love to concentrate on those big, beautiful eyes of hers and her smile is absolutely adorable. The fact that Salma is nearing 50 years of life on this planet and looking exquisite while doing so, she still looks beautiful and I'd be...

There was nothing miserable about Isla Fisher's tits at the Les Mis premiere

Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway were the big names at the LES MISERABLES premiere the other night, but the hotness dark horse was Isla Fisher and her maximum bewbage dress. That's an impressive blend of covered/uncovered titty action there. It's amazing how after decades of revealing evening gown design, folks are still figuring out new, unique ways for famous women to show off their...

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