Time to bid a fond farewell to Nuts

I guess I spoke too soon about how long Nuts was going to continue on, as the final issue of England's premiere huge titty magazine has hit newsstands. And they've busted out all their biggest hitters for the occasion, although they don't seem very pleased about the situation. I can understand their pain. Nuts is one of the main public exposure outlets many of these ladies have, so...

In the ultimate burn, Kelso knocks up Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher is far more successful in life than that dude should have ever been allowed to become. Aside from a couple of movies where I found him tolerable, I can't think of a time when his supposed talent should have created the career that he's been afforded. Hell, I can't think of a story that went out about him in the media that caused me to believe that he's anything...

Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2013

It was a banner year for celebrities making asses out of themselves or just outright crashing and burning. It's a phenomenon we will surely see more of in years to come as attention spans steadily shrink and more and more spectacle is required of celebs just to keep people's interest. With such an insane life, occasionally a few celebs just snap. Some find endless riches in being dumbasses....

Day 2 of Kelly Brook in LA and she doesn't look happy about it

It's Kelly Brook's second day back in LA and things appear to be not so great for her. Just look at that scowl. I recognize that face. I wear the same grimace whenever I have to go to LA. Don't let the movies and TV shows fool you. It's a shitty town, full of smog and crime and traffic and bullshit. So I don't blame Kelly for feeling down about having to be in that place. Stuck on the 405 in...

Natalie Portman services her car and pumps it up real good

While I can easily say that Natalie Portman is still one of my favorite hotties, pictures that I've been seeing of her recently (including these) make me a little sad inside. She seems really thin and these pictures make it seem like she's been sad face for a while now. She looks very discontent and vulnerable. I suppose when the gas pump weighs about ten pounds more than you do,...

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