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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. Ariel Winter

Last week's Face Off proved once again just how resilient Alison Brie's reputation for hotness is, despite her persistent and frequently frustrating teasing. If an unabashed sex scene junkie like Emmy Rossum can't dethrone Alison, I wonder if anyone can. You may be wondering right now why I have two hotties 23 years apart in a Face Off. It's not such a mystery if you think...
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Christina Hendricks brought back the boobage for the Emmys

It's been awhile since Christina Hendricks brought the huge cleavage action. Time was when she couldn't let a big gathering like last night's Emmy proceedings pass without nearly spilling dem titties out of labored evening gowns. But then she went off and got married and began to angle for a career not founded on having ginormous tits. And just like that all the ample cleavage got tucked...
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Happy 38th Birthday to the bright, beautiful, bodaciously bouyant Christina Hendricks

Damn, everybody got a birthday lately. I guess July and August is the time of year to conceive a kid destined to grow up a hottie. Well, love her, lust for her or loathe her, you can't deny that the now 38-year-old Christina Hendricks has shaken things up as far as hotties go. Thanks to her example, no longer are all women aspiring to "hottiedom" locked into a standard body shape to...
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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. Kat Dennings

Were there some sneaky folks messing about in last week's Face Off . between Sofia Vergara and Jessica Biel ? I always suspect some not-so-clever meddling with the browser cookies when I see such lopsided comment votes in a closely contested Face Off. Well, congrats, potential meddlers. All your diligence earned you exactly squat, as Jessica Biel still won, regardless of your love for...
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