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Salma Hayek keeps her face and dress stuffed for Spanish television

I'm not sure what to think about this new comedy Salma Hayek has coming out called HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER, which tells the story of a former jiggolo now down on his luck. The trailer looks pretty funny, but then that's what a comedy trailer is supposed to do. It's directed by Ken Marino, one of the funniest guys ever and a member of one of my favorite sketch comedy troupes, The State. So...
5 days ago
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Salma Hayek gets unbuttoned over her Latin Lover ways

You guys cool with another around of Salma Hayek letting out a little of that load of cleavage she's got? I thought so. Who wouldn't want that? Men, women, dogs, cats, Wildebeests - we all love Salma's titties. It's even better when she gets all excited about her new movie, HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER, waving her arms around and emoting in that animated way not unusual for the ladies of a...
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Salma Hayek's legendary boobs take the prize every time

It's too bad it would probably be seen as bad taste to give Salma Hayek an award for her cleavage of legend. Those titties have for so long given all of us around here such happiness and joy. It's only right they should be congratulated and honored for the work they've done. I guess Salma will just have to settle for this award she got at CinemaCon the other day, even though it is...
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Salma Hayek's ample cleavage distracts from all the Fashion Week nonsense

I wonder if most of us non fashion types would even know what Fashion Week was, were these events not chock full of hotties in attendance with the seeming goal of making the sexiest appearance they can. I don't think this is the hottest look we've ever seen from">Salma Hayek , but it's always a good thing when she decides...
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Top 6 Hottest Vampire Babes (video)

Who doesn't love a sexy vampire hottie? Think about it. They're frequently super hot, they specialize in sucking things, and it's guaranteed they're gonna find you delicious. Be honest now. Isn't there some part of you that finds the prospect of meeting your demise at the fangs of an insatiably ravenous vampire babe kind of appealing? We all gotta go sometime....
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Here's why the name Salma Hayek is synonymous with busty

It's been 24 years since the release of DESPERADO (Robert Rodriguez's follow-up to his breakout indie film, EL MARIACHI); the first time I laid eyes on Salma Hayek ; the first time I was floored by one of the sexiest females I would ever seen. And throughout the past two decades, that same ability to stir up passions is as forceful as ever, proof that Salma Hayek's loveliness is...
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Top 6 Hottest Latinas (video)

When describing those attributes that make a female sexy (legs, face, career, personality), add "Latina" to the list and try not to imagine a sultry, curvaceous woman, with smooth carmel skin and capable of stirring passions with but a fiery glance. Yes, those of Latin descent have a long history of regaling the world with their special brand of lust-inducing sexuality...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Jennifer Lopez vs Salma Hayek vs Sofia Vergara

I've gotten a lot of things wrong recently, although it certainly was less painful for my biggest error to be assuming that people might feel the same way that I do about Victoria Justice. The former Nickelodeon darling won your hearts completely, being the easily and most prevalent choice for who to date when teaming her up with the other young Latinas making noise these days. Demi...
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You may now peruse Salma Hayek's entire super hot GQ Mexico spread

One thing which always annoys me about highly anticipated spreads like this one of Salma Hayek in the new GQ Mexico, is how the first pics to come out always seem to be from some total idiot using a scanner from the last millennium. The result is a series of shitty-looking images I then have to go in and clean up to the best of my ability. Is there some rule which states that the first guy...
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Salma Hayek shows us why the USA should have more love for the Mexicans

I hate to delve into all this political bullshit that's been going on here in the US. This election has been a real shit show which seems to have only succeeded in peeling back the thin-skinned crust of our society, exposing a deep, dark, bile of ugliness bubbling up underneath the surface. Things have been particularly nasty when it comes to people from Mexico. But I'm here to tell you that...
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Top 6 Movie Strippers That Don't Strip Nude (video)

Most people would probably consider it a shitty thing to find themselves in a titty bar filled with strippers who never really strip out of anything. Such a situation might understandably make one wonder why they were there at all, watching a show which isn't showing anything. Rightly so. However, the situation changes quite a bit when you have famous hotties doing the non-stripping....
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Julia Kelly brought the buns to the sausage party

Unfortunately for Instagram hottie Julia Kelly , all the mascot food items seemed far more interested in hugging on Salma Hayek than her. Can you blame them? Still, I think any guys in those food suits missed out on a great opportunity to slide up to someone who exemplifies the appeal of sliding up to hot women. Sure, Salma still has the boobies, but I'd make the argument that Julia was...
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