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Salma Hayek sucks at Halloween in the best possible way

We've pretty much sorted through the barrage of celebrity Halloween hijinks for 2015. That becomes a bigger and bigger job with each passing year, as the whole concept of dressing up for the occasion spreads ever deeper into celebrity culture and culture in general. Only one more photo set to take care of before we close the books on Halloween 2015 and ironically it was the worst showing of...
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Salma Hayek keeps it tight & shiny at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards

If there is a peak to Salma Hayek's hotness, we've yet to find it. The gorgeous Latina turned FORTY-NINE YEARS OLD on September 2nd of this year and yes, it needed to be spelled out in all caps. While she's grown and matured over the years, Salma certainly hasn't backed down from being a legendary babe. I'm guessing she's going to knock Sophia Loren off the elder-hottie pedestal in another...
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I think most would love to plant their hammer in Emma Stone's garden

Other than some images from the set of LA LA LAND , a movie which will pair her with Ryan Gosling for the third time, we haven't seen too much of Emma Stone since her break-up with Andrew Garfield. Or, we haven't seen as much as we might have liked to. The actress has been hard at work and only putting in the appearances when called upon, so it was great to see her not only shine in her...
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Salma Hayek is still the standard by which others are judged

We gush on and on about Salma Hayek around here. And rightfully so. Normally when you're talking about women Salma's age you're getting into discussions of how well they're holding up compared to other women their range. It's a proportional thing, where one's boobs aren't sagging as bad as another woman's or their face isn't quite as wrinkled. Salma changes the whole dynamic there. It's...
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Salma Hayek wowed the TIFF crowd with her abudant consistency

For managing to escape from her Sandler doldrums, Salma Hayek was rewarded with a trip to TIFF in support of her new movie SEPTEMBERS IN SHIRAZ, which profiles the plight of Iranian Jews and what they went through after the 1979 overthrow. Yet another feel good story of joy and laughter and redemption no doubt. Uh huh. Of course, being set in swiftly radicalizing Iran and bearing a PG-13...
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Hottie Clip: Salma Hayek in Americano

This may seem impossible to believe, but  Salma Hayek  just turned 49-years-old today. "Holy crap" would be an appropriate even if the number was three quarters that size, but you have to believe it when you think of all the memories she's left behind. Salma has kept her career thriving for more than two decades, and she's still consistently...
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Sexy TwitPics: Summer 2015 Round-up

Today we bid our dues to the month of August, and to a degree, summertime itself. Although the heat will probably stick around for a while longer, the window for blockbuster sequels and remakes is behind us... for the next month or so, anyway. Yes, the transition into September always feels something like "back to school" time for all of us, which isn't that awesome...
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Hottie Clip: Salma Hayek in Some Kind of Beautiful

Hope you've found an empty closet to hide in, because today's clip is a doozy! Previously released on DirectTV, and recently on demand, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL stars the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba, Malcolm McDowell and most importantly (in today's case),  Salma Hayek . The film was originally titled HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISH GENTLEMEN, but...
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Salma Hayek breaks out her big boobs in a black bikini

As the world slowly burns to a crisp in this shitty ass summer heat, everyone has been flocking to the beach to cool off. Hell, even my pudgy ass went riverside this weekend to indulge in a rare tanning experience in what's left of a favorite family swimmin' hole. Of course, it's far more newsworthy when Salma Hayek goes for a dip in cooling waters, because she's obviously far more...
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Horizontal stripes accentuate Salma Hayek's finest attributes

I forget, is it horizontal or vertical stripes that are supposed to be unflattering? I'm a solid color man myself, so such considerations rarely enter into my thinking when the time comes to replace individual garments that have gone to that tattered t-shirt home in the trash bin. Whatever the case, the horizontal stripes were doing Salma Hayek nothing but favors at this event in NYC,...
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There's a certain Allure to a topless Salma Hayek

I'm told many of you are highly invested in the concept of Salma Hayek minus any clothing. Well Allure seems to have anticipated your needs there. Sadly Salma is doing as many before her by using her hands as concealment, but you take what you can get. Once again my primary response to pics of Salma is slack jawed wonder at how amazing she looks. I just can't get over how a 48-year-old could...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Hotties in Underpants Vol. 2!

You may recall a couple of years back when we introduced you to a video tribute of our favorite Movie Hotties in underpants . Well, after careful review and consideration, we've come to the realization that there's an ongoing list of classic cinematic moments which feature some of our favorite hotties in either bras, panties, on or the other, or at best, neither. Thus, we've...
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