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Hottie Report Card: Jennette McCurdy

If you're like me and have several episodes of SAM & CAT saved on your DVR, you'll most definitely be familiar with this week's hottie student. You may be surprised to see  Jennette McCurdy  being put to the test before some of her Nickeloeon counterparts (Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies), but her consistent work as well as her brand new series make her...
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Jennette McCurdy keeps on getting hotter in Bello magazine

If you've been sitting around, chomping at the bit to see a movie with former "iCarly" and current "Sam & Cat" star, Jennette McCurdy and Kevin Smith manchild buddy Jason Mewes, you're not going to have to wait much longer. Jennette and Jason are currently filming (recording?) the flick ALMOST HEROES 3D, some animated film which will also feature voice work by Carla Gugino , Taylor Kitsch...
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Sexy TwitPics: Ariana Grande

Last week, we voyaged through the many explicit self-distributed TwitPics of Sam Bowden . That was some superb TV-MA fun, but this week we're going to tone it down all the way to a... let's say TV-PG set of TwitPics, from "Victorious" star Ariana Grande . The headline for this bundle of images might as well be called "Cute TwitPics". While Bowden proved to have a set of cans,...
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