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Disco Glam Hotties

I honestly wonder if there isn't something that can't be invented in order to get celebrities of all different calibers to show up and walk down a red carpet to get their pictures taken. I think the main thing that you have to offer are some free swag bags and a chance to get your face out on the market for the tabloids to pick up on it. Shoot, even if you dress like shit, your name will still...

Softly Samaire

Showing up at the 2nd Annual "The Designer And The Muse Charity Event" , I have to say that I love Samaire Armstrong because she's such a cute little thing. I love the girl, I even love the cutesy little dress she's rocking, but the hairstyle? Yeah, gotta go, girlfriend. With only one small credit in an indie movie coming up this year, it might be time to reevaluate what exactly you want to...

Battle of the Babes #44

Let's have a discussion about my television viewing habits. I watch the boob tube whenever I get the inclination, without a lot of forethought into what I'm going to watch. Turns out, if I really like a show when it starts, it ends up getting thrown in the canceled bin. So I tend to wait something out and see if it has legs and then capture it later since the production...

Emmy Awards - TV Guide Party 1

If like us you happened to be indisposed at the time of the Emmy broadcast, you can relive some of the greatest moments of the night courtesy of the razor sharp wit and belly-aching hilarious commentary provided by the folks over at Defamer . Among the many highlights, you'll get a disturbingly awkward Sheen family kodak moment, a John Stewart-Stephen Colbert unbridled display of...

Samaire in Stuff

We've been holding off posting these pictures of The OC and Entourage hottie Samaire Armstrong in the June issue of "Stuff" magazine until some high res pictures surfaced and lucky for us, Nerble from "Last Beautiful Girl" recently obliged. We're also glad Samaire obliged our lascivious fantasies by doing this photoshoot in the first place. We always suspected there's a high...

The "One Tree Hilly OC" hotties

Seeing as how the upcoming horror STAY ALIVE is a Disney production, we can assume they're using a very broad and loose definition of the term "horror". In all likelihood, the scariest thing about this movie is Frankie Muniz and his terrifying resemblance to a mutated rodent and not whatever the hell it's about. Just so you're aware, though, it follows a group of teen-ish folks who play...

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