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Adrianne Curry once again goes batty and catty with the cosplay at Comic-Con

Every year come Comic-Con time, Adrianne Curry crawls out from her hibernation chamber, wraps herself in some geek-related costume and unleashes her hotness on a mass of unsuspecting SDCC attendees. Catwoman was only one of Adrianne's characters of choice this year. She apparently did at least one costume change, going from Catwoman to Silke Spectre. The one thing I can always say for...

Sexy TwitPics: Cosplay Girls

Well, suck me sideways, the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con is here already ? Seems like it was just yesterday I was crying my eyeballs out whilst downing shots of whiskey to erase the pain of not being able to attend last year's Con. I guess it's time to head back to the liquor store. Sci-fi and fantasy conventions are a great way to go out and have fun, meet like-minded people and get the...

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