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Exclusive: Behind the scenes video of our Sandra Vergara photoshoot!

Some spectacular happened a few months ago when MovieHotties presented its first-ever photoshoot, featuring the lovely Sandra Vergara ! Now, we've finally cut together a special behind-the-scenes video of the shoot for anyone who enjoyed it. No one knew for sure just how this first photoshoot would ultimately turn out, but it was an exciting process, and more...
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MovieHotties has its 1st ever photo shoot! The model? Sandra Vergara!

Today is a very proud day for us on itself was founded in 1998 but it wasn't until 2005 that we decided to add this awesome section dedicated to all the lovely ladies we adore in movies to our network and it's been growing like a champ ever since. Most recently, MovieHotties started to feature its own annual Top 25 Hotties list at the end of every...
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Face Off: The Vergara Sisters - Sofia vs. Sandra

Your votes gave Emily Blunt the checkered flag over competitor Olga Kurylenko in last week's Face Off , but only by a couple votes. That may look like a difficult choice at first, but it isn't. You just cover your eyes and point. You'll have made a fine choice, no matter which one your finger lands on. Looked like ya'll were pretty excited about those pics of Sandra Vergara we...
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Sofia Vergara attempts to cover up in trench coats, but fails wonderfully

Silly, Sofia Vergara" with her trench coat nonsense. You knew she couldn't keep that cover closed for long. Eventually, that hot body gotta come out. Sofia was over at the ABC studios today, doing something or other, pretending to be all modest and shit. Modesty just isn't her thing. Sure, it might have been chilly out, but Sofia would seize an opportunity to show off her bod in the...
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Coming over to Sandra Vergara's place is the next best thing to her cousin Sofia

Sofia Vergara's little cousin Sandra Vergara recently did a photoshoot for the always fantastic Me In My Place, proving that this family's genes need to be put in a freezer and preserved as a precious world treasure. There's a bit of a story behind Sofia and Sandra's relationship. Sandra is both Sofia's cousin and sister. Seems Sandra was adopted by Sofia's mom when Sandra's mom got sick...
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