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Hush your face and follow Barbara Palvin into her boutique

I'm gonna come out and say it. Now, this doesn't happen very often or to too many ladies, but I gotta say, I think Barbara Palvin might just be my new MovieHotties crush. Now, there are still some that have my heart. Emily Ratajkowski . Emmy Rossum . Debby Ryan …but now we're just adding another hottie to the party. Welcome, Barbara. At least, if you want to come.. We have cake and punch,...
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Everyone, everywhere loves Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde was on hand for the opening of something called BOBO in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday, gracing her legions of South American fans with a little leather pant action and some lovely, curly hair. Check out that rock on her finger. You think her SNL fiance is overcompensating a bit? After all, Olivia's previous husband was an Italian prince, with palaces and boat docks and shit....
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