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We might as well get one more Emilia Clarke post in before the big weekend

Emilia Clarke was also on hand for this refugee photos exhibit event last night, looking adorable as usual. We're gonna have to get used to not seeing those big, broad grins for awhile once GoT premieres. I believe it may be written into her contract that big, happy smiles are forbidden. Khaleesi is allowed only stone faces, terrified expressions and angry grimaces. Poor thing. It must be...
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Face Off: Emma Watson vs. Emilia Clarke

Too close to call between Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain in last week's Face Off . Bit of a role reversal there. You guys tied it up and I made a definitive choice. So much for all the bitching about me being tie game happy. Actually, you did what I wanted to do. I can't decide between them either. This week sees Emma Watson bring her movie COLONIA to theaters. Then next...
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How does one apply for the job of Emilia Clarke necklace wrangler?

That's got to be awkward, having some guy fiddling with the necklace you're wearing while you've got your boobs hanging out of a blazer. I wouldn't know anything about that, as I don't have boobs and I'm not known for necklace wearing. But I suppose if you're someone who does what Emilia does, you get used to the idea of random people coming up and putting their hands on or near to...
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Emilia Clarke was the mother of fashions at Paris fashion week

There's such a startling difference between the real and fictional versions of Emilia Clarke , seen here showing off her adorably petite and leggy self at Paris Fashion Week. It's not just because of her GoT blonde wig either. Her characters seem to be the austere types, not especially fond of jovial expression. That's entirely unlike Emilia, who does very little else but smile. Her whole...
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Emilia Clarke Day 2: British GQ Woman of the Year

Yesterday I wrote a little something about Emilia Clarke's attendance to GQ's men of the year ceremony. Today, it's all about her new prestigious title of British GQ's women of the year. I could write little opinions about her looks, her demeanor or even specifically this pictorial, but there probably wouldn't be a huge difference compared to things I've already...
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Her movie may have tanked, but Emilia Clarke isn't terminated just yet

I don't know about some folks, but I was kind of hoping TERMINATOR: GENISYS would have pulled an upset by defying the haters and becoming a worthy addition to the TERMINATOR franchise. Goodness knows we could use one after all these disappointments. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case, at least for this effort. This movie just had too many things going against it from the start. For...
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BOTB Sarah Connors: Linda Hamilton vs Lena Headey vs Emilia Clarke

Last week I was whining about the popularity of all things Seth MacFarlane aside from, of course, the beautiful women he gets to work with. For all of you, Amanda Seyfried was the most beautiful of the bunch, surprising to me since I figured Mila Kunis would have had it wrapped up (and it's nice to know I'm not the only big fan of Sanaa Lathan). This week I could whine about the cheesy...
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Emilia Clarke has a warm glow about her when she talks about Terminators

Well, at least someone is glowing over this TERMINTOR movie. Yeah, the word is out on this one and it seems to be a bad word. I don't think anyone is really surprised by that. Once they blew the whole John Connor twist in the trailers, it was a foregone conclusion that this was going to be subpar at best. One less movie I gotta be worried about finding the time to see. I'll probably still...
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Face Off: Emilia Clarke vs. Amber Heard

Amanda Seyfried had the voting advantage over Anna Kendrick in our previous Face Off , with a number of tie votes placed for both. Clearly many of you seem to love the two of them about the same. Two women who come across in no way the same are Emilia Clarke and Amber Heard , who both have their movies TERMINATOR: GENISYS and MAGIC MIKE XXL opening this week. One is a blonde,...
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Emilia Clarke is a gimpy wicked witch on the set of her new movie

Emilia Clarke finally spilled the beans on why she's been walking around with crutches for the last few days, despite not having a cast on her anywhere. Apparently the TERMINATOR: GENISYS star fractured her hip in "a fall." Uh huh, okay. Sounds suspicious to me. Then again that could just be my dirty, dirty mind working overtime. I'm sure there is real potential that some lucky guy...
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Emilia Clarke is all smiles with the cyborgs in Paris

I don't know about you, but after that GoT finale, I'm in the mood for a big, dumb action movie experience. F*ck me. I was depressed enough to jump out the friggin' window by the time they got done killing off half the cast on that show. The upshot I guess is that they're gonna save some money on actor's salaries now, which they can pump into sprawling CGI cities and having dragons look like...
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Emilia Clarke breaks out even more bikini body for her new movie

Filming continues on Emilia Clarke's new movie ME BEFORE YOU in Majorca, Spain. The English rose was soaking up some rays in a teal bikini for this scene, making for a lovely enhancement to the already picturesque Mediterranean scenery. Looks like Emilia got a little too close with the Lady Remington though. They'll have to edit that out in post. Ah Emilia. I never have a shortage of...
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