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W magazine gets hotties in bed, Sarah Paulson topless in latest issue

Wellllll.... here's something that I didn't know I really wanted to see. In the August 2016 issue of W Magazine, "American Horror Story" phenom (outside of Jessica Lange, of course), Sarah Paulson goes full nipple in a gorgeous shot from her photoshoot. (Click on the censored image below to check out the NSFW version.) Paulson has always been a fearless actress, taking on...
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Emma Roberts is gorgeous in blonde and orange at the Fox 2013 Emmy after party

Although I've heard that she's an intolerable person, the other rumour regarding Stella McCartney and how she refused to accept her father's marriage to Heather Mills is one thing that makes me like her (that's right, stand up for your mama, girl!) as well as her fashion sensibilities which create simple but uniquely beautiful gowns like this one that 22-year old actress...
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Precious is headed to American Horror Story: Coven. Good thing?

Gabourey Sidibe is the big 'ol black girl who is never going to be forgotten for playing the lead role in the movie PRECIOUS (need I remind you that she did get an Oscar nomination for that abysmally sad and practically impossible to pull off role and that she did DESERVE that nomination??). But the actress hasn't been resting on her laurels and letting herself be considered just...
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