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Funny "Vanity" Babes!

For many, many years now, there have been an insurmountable amount of women involved with comedy that have made us damn near piss ourselves in laughter. Many of them include ladies such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lisa Lampanelli, Sarah Silverman and so many others. As well as being funny, these ladies are smokin' hot which makes them 100 times more awesome in my books with the addition of...

Hottie Clip #224

Sarah Silverman In Lingerie - "I WANT SOMEONE TO EAT CHEESE WITH"

Sarah's F#cking Matt Damon!

Okay everybody, are you prepared for the wildest hottie news ever? This is going to be a day to remember as the sexy and hysterical Sarah Silverman admits to her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel that she is in fact f#cking Matt Damon. She prepared a song for Jimmy to apologize for what she did and she played a great guitar solo as part of the video. It's a dark day for Jimmy and a damn good one for...

Picket Line Hotties #3

Well ladies and gents, the WGA strike continues this week as writers from around North America continue to protest over the lack of compensation they receive for such big money-making projects. Unfortunately for us movie and TV show fans, we'll have to put up with delay after delay of our favourite upcoming features such as "Angels & Demons" which just got postponed from Christmas...

Silverman Trailer Caps!

I've officially come to hate Jimmy Kimmel so much due to the fact that he gets to sleep in the same bed as one of my fantasy girls every single night. That fantasy girl is Sarah Silverman and is she ever HOT! I think it's the quirky and cute attitude she has that makes her so sexy. Not to mention the fact that she's got one hell of a smokin' figure. In the latest news, I've viewed the...

Silverman Does It Again!

Many may not agree with me but I firmly believe that Jimmy Kimmel is one lucky SOB when it comes to his love life. Sarah Silverman has been getting pretty steamy for the cameras lately and this latest shoot from "Rolling Stone" magazine is the best addition yet. I'm willing to bet that she's quite the firecracker in the sack with her feisty attitude.

Sarah Plays Kiss Chicken With Jess

If there's one thing that's been sorely missing from the MTV Movie Awards of late, it's a delightfully playful game of lesbian chicken by two gorgeous hotties, one of whom sports spectacular cleavage. Fortunately for us, however, 2007 host Sarah Silverman sought to rectify this glaring oversight by coaxing vampire huntress hottie Jessica Biel into a game of tonsil hockey chicken. We...

2007 MTV Movie Awards - Hottie Arrivals

It was a hue event last night as the "2007 MTV Movie Awards" kicked off with a bang as it was hosted by the sexy and talented Sarah Silverman . It was by-far one of the funniest award shows to date as the acceptance speeches were hilarious and the spoofs were pretty damn funny as well compared to the past shows. More importantly though, the HOTTIES were out in style and looking their...

Sarah Silverman Does Maxim....Finally!

It's official and I'm so thankful that her time has finally arrived. The queen of comedy herself, Sarah Silverman has officially posed for the June 2007 issue of "Maxim" and it's a hot one. She bears her perfect assets while wearing a huge gorilla suit which somehow reminds me of Belushi in "Trading Places" where he did the same thing. However, Sarah makes it so much hotter as you can see...

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