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Sasha Grey sends smiles at you from her Open Windows

I know that she's more famous for opening things other than windows but let's just focus on the fact that Sasha Grey was all smiles at the Madrid photocall for her latest movie OPEN WINDOWS, a crime thriller co-starring Elijah Wood and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, who you might remember from the A in THE ABCS OF DEATH. Sasha also has some screen time in THE SCRIBBLER, another indie flick...
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Face Off: Geeky vs. Slutty

Malin Akerman trumped Anna Faris last week as your choice of the hotter fall TV season hottie. I think that's fair. Anna has the ability to become hot in between her many kooky moments, but Malin is hot regardless of what she's doing. This week we're looking at two of the most popular kinds of hotties doing their thing in the 21st century. The slutty, centerfold style approach has...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Sasha Grey

What is this I hear about porn star Sasha Grey trying her hand at the acting business? Well I suppose technically she's always been an "actress" but now we finally get to see more from her... well not literally. You know what I mean. But back in 2009 Grey actually worked with director Steven Soderbergh for the flick THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. In this film Grey played a New York call...
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Sasha Grey flashes her gorgeous smile for this Terra photo shoot

I do not know what this Terra is or what the photoshoot is going to be used for, but considering that former porn star Sasha Grey is shilling her fiction these days, hotter than the tawdry "Fifty Shades of Bite Me," I am going to venture a guess that this is just another part of her rebranding. Over time, while I've looked through Sasha's porn and wondered what about the human psyche needs...
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Sasha Grey takes the conservative route while promoting her latest book in Madrid

Let me just say, there are a lot of times when I've seen Sasha Grey and thought: W..... T.... F........?!?!? But that was watching the videos that she used to make. Judged on that alone, I would have never expected for the actress, writer, musician and former adult star to tone it down to soccer mom driving an SUV level. That's what a girl's gotta do when supporting her latest book, this...
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Happy Quarter Century, Sasha Grey!

According to years and years of blithering idiot crap from women who claim to be feminists but strike me more as being proud man-haters, you end up with the daughters of that generation cringing and swearing to people that they're NOT feminists. No, no, call me anything up a feminist. After reading about how Sasha Grey (now conveniently located in our Hotties Galleries!) went to participate...
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