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Carla Gugino keeps her hotness as sharp as a knife

Carla Gugino's spread and interview in Sharp magazine reminds me of a few things I didn't remember about the beautiful hottie. For instance, how prolific she used to be as a younger actress. She was on the Disney inspiration to Saved By The Bell , called Good Morning, Miss Bliss , which later got rebranded into Saved By The Bell: The Junior High Years . I totally forgot that even...
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At 42, does Elizabeth Berkley still get you excited?

She's actually not turning 42 until this coming Monday and these pics are from this past weekend's Dizzy Feet Foundation's Gala of Dance event but let's put Elizabeth Berkley back in the spotlight, shall we? Not only is the former SHOWGIRL looking damn fit (and I never realized until these images that she's got one of those eyes with the dual colors, Heterochromia, like Kate Bosworth), she's...
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Did you say you wanted more Tiffani Thiessen? Aiight

Ya'll seemed pretty excited about our little tribute for the 40th b-day of beloved 90s hottie Tiffani Thiessen . Today brings some more of modern day Tiffani as she goes about celebrating her quadrennial down Mexico way. It's interesting how 20 years later she's still very much Kelly Kapowski. Only now she's someone's hot mom instead of someone's hot daughter. She still produces the same...
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Flashback Friday: Here's 40 for Tiffani Thiessen's 40th

I might be tempted to feel kind of sad or depressed about the teen queen hotties from my youth starting to enter their 40s. I keep positive only by the virtue of their lasting appeal. Take, for example, the subject of today's flashback opportunity, Tiffani Thiessen , who just celebrated her big 4-0 yesterday. Ain't nothing decrepit about her. Quite the contrary. Like many of...
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Tiffani Thiessen took out the Amber, put on some curves

What happened to the "Amber" in Tiffani Thiessen's name? When did that go away? Maybe that's just me betraying my lack of familiarity with Tiffani's career starting sometime around the end of the last century. Tiffani has since gotten into her late 30s and had a kid, which was no doubt responsible for her thickening up here. That's not a criticism. I like the look of her now. Being a fan of...
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