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Laura Prepon in black is the new hotness at premiere party

When I did the Battle of the Babes last week and featured hot neighbors, a couple of people commented that so long as Laura Prepon had her black hair and glasses from "Orange is the New Black" she was their favorite. Looks like you're getting your wish, based on the Black Dahlia look that Prepon rocked on the red carpet for the premiere of the second season of the NetFlix...

AnnaSophia Robb and her prodigious booty attend Carrie Diaries second season premiere

AnnaSophia Robb quietly slid under the radar when she turned 18, escaping a lot of the countdowns that many people had for various other young actresses, so it shouldn't be too big of a surprise that the "Carrie Diaries" actress will be turning 20-years old this upcoming December 8th. What's a bigger surprise is that for all of its promoting and the constant deluge of images on the internet...

Hayden Panettiere is tight and smiley for her Nasville PC

Hayden Panettiere was all smiles and tight pants at the press conference for season 2 of her show, Nashville. Good to see Hayden finding success again on TV and completely eliminating from her career all associations between her and the disappointment known as Heroes. It's funny how that show just disappeared. No one talks about it, reflects on it, even wants to think about it anymore. It's...

Jaime Murray attends the Dexter Season 8 premiere, seduces Julie Benz as a bonus

When I once did a Battle of the Babes featuring the women of "Dexter," there were tons of complaints that super-psycho Lila should have been included in the choices. You guys just love it when bitches burn your shit to the ground, don'tcha? It was great to see Jaime Murray at the event looking even hotter than she did on season 2 of the Showtime series (albeit, not as nude, which is a pity)...

Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's sextastic new Client List promo

Remember last year when Jennifer Love Hewitt 's gargantuan cleavage invaded movie theater screens to promote the first season of her show, "The Client List"? Sure, it was a little misleading for anyone who tuned into that season premiere, but how can you be mad at her? Well, she's taking the same approach with the season 2 promo for "The Client List", perhaps even stepping it up a notch. If...

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