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Hayden Panettiere's really cool grandma is joining her on Nashville

I used to have a crazy amount of love for Hayden Panettiere after I got over being annoyed with her during the run of "Heroes." Over the past few years, with the stability in her romantic relationship and general low-key lifestyle, I've moved on to not really noticing what the pint-sized actress is doing. Sure, I knew she was heading up "Nashville," one of those melodramatic shows with a...
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All the fine Game of Thrones hotties turn out for the season 4 premiere

Yep, it's almost that time. Time to see who they're ready to kill off next in the grand medieval spectacle of beloved character slaughter known as Game of Thrones, which premiered its 4th season in NYC last night. Of course HBO brought the whole cast out for the event, including some of yours and my favorite hottie cast members. Apart from the excruciating death scenes, GoT also brings the hot...
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