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The Pretty Little Liar cast of hotties gathers for the S4 finale screening

Sasha Pieterse , the center of the "Pretty Little Liars" storyline, seeing as she's the actress who plays the infamous Alison, the one whose A initial has been haunting the entire cast for years now, interestingly only turned 18-years old on February 17th of this year. To be such a lynch pin in the series and not really get the press time that the main four hotties do is quite a...

Whisper the secret of who's your favorite Pretty Little Liar

I happen to be a fan of that teen mystery drama, "Pretty Little Liars," mainly because it's stupid fun entertainment. However, my summer has been so jam-packed full of busy-ness that I completely missed out on the fact that Season Four started up in the middle of June and I've missed every episode so far. Which makes me feel devilishly mad. Because these are the 4 best babes gathered together...

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