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Let's continue the Emilia Clarke lovefest with her pretty in pink photocall pics

For everyone who says that she needs to apologize for her performance in last summer's box office disappointment TERMINATOR: GENISYS, I offer up darling pictures of Emilia Clarke at her photocall for the sixth season of "Game of Thrones," where most people would argue she is proving herself as a competent actress. I actually really liked her in DOM HEMINGWAY as well, playing the put-upon...
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Lauren Cohan and her unforgettable grin attend The Walking Dead premiere

I normally commentate on the more obviously sexual parts of the female anatomy, but that's quite a word hole Lauren Cohan has there. If this – The Walking Dead – show doesn't catch on, she has a future in flogging orally related products. Seriously though; this decapitater of the undead just keeps getting sexier. Since the show has been pretty vague about the specifics...
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Chloe Bennet is a braless marvel at the Walking Dead season six premiere event

I gave up on "The Walking Dead" sometime mid fourth season, although I recall tuning in for a couple of episodes from season five. I mainly cannot stand having to hear Chris Hardwick's when the promos for "Talking Dead" come on during the show, with his screeching snake oil salesman's voice killing whatever dramatic vibe was going on. Plus, what more can they really do with this show?...
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Gillian Jacobs & Community discuss season six at Comic Con

I'm not posting images of Gillian Jacobs instead of Alison Brie because I prefer her better (even though I do, which you all already know) but because so far there's only images of Jacobs at 2014's San Diego Comic Con, where the panel for "Community" and its transition from NBC to online episodes. The abbreviated version of the cast were on hand along with...
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