Want to join the mile high club with Victoria Justice?

"Who wouldn't?" is the correct answer to that headline. Unfortunately Victoria Justice's lavatory-like plane seating was just a set piece put in place for this pre-Grammy event and not a setting for airborne ass. Though it was a good opportunity to get some sexy leg and upskirt action from Vicky. The Grammys are the award show I have the least concern or care for. It's somewhat pleasing when...

Adriana Lima makes you want to be a bicycle seat

She's making me feel awfully jealous of biking equipment anyway. Looks like Adriana Lima was filming a thing for some sort of Victoria's Secret gear somewheres, proving how completely awesome it is to be a women's bike seat. Maybe I'm just a perv (no maybes about it), but there's always been something erotic about a woman straddling a bike seat. Perhaps it's the clearly phallic look of the...

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