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Kristen Stewart is blonde, see-through & leather tight for Jodie Foster

I will never, for the life of me, understand why Kristen Stewart polarizes so many people. People either hate her direly or love her in a creepy, hyperventilating asthmatic stalker kind of way. I thought it was cool that Jodie Foster got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week and figured that some of her co-stars might show up for the celebration but I hadn't really guessed it...
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Halle Berry out to prove her rack is still relevant

There are quite a few photos below to click through so I'll try and make my introduction brief. Halle Berry is giving us a glimpse at things to come. It won't be long before hottie heavyweights like her completely cut out the middleman and only wear a bra. First Rita Ora and now (only in the span of one week) her; ironically wearing a top that's not even needed. Every bit...
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Christina Ricci wants to show you her bra before she becomes Miranda Cosgrove's mom

Christina Ricci made headlines over the weekend when she showed up to the Marc Jacobs 2013 Fall Fashion show during the famous Fashion Week in New York. People aren't used to seeing... her bra? Hell, I thought that enough of Ricci's anatomy had been bared over the years that people wouldn't be all atwitter about a little bra distraction. I'm more interested in the fact that not as many people...
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Jessica Chastain hits Broadway, all smiles and see-through shirt

Heading to work in New York for the play "The Heiress," Jessica Chastain seems to have still not caught on to the fact that paps camera flashes will sink right through the navy color of a thin cotton shirt and straight to the vision of the bra underneath. Welcome to stardom, Jess. With her movie ZERO DARK THIRTY receiving such strong praise from critics and movie-goers alike, she seems poised...
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