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Top 6 Hottest Latinas (video)

When describing those attributes that make a female sexy (legs, face, career, personality), add "Latina" to the list and try not to imagine a sultry, curvaceous woman, with smooth carmel skin and capable of stirring passions with but a fiery glance. Yes, those of Latin descent have a long history of regaling the world with their special brand of lust-inducing sexuality...
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Red hot Selena Gomez is back & shining on the AMA red carpet

Selena Gomez has been taking it easy for a few month, regaining her strength from her ongoing battle with Lupus, but she was back in finer than fine form for the American Music Awards, looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the red carpet in a simple bright red frock that highlighted her petite frame. While at the awards, Gomez took home the Favorite Female Artist honors and gave a passionate...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Demi Lovato vs Selena Gomez vs Victoria Justice

The last time we played this game, it was a hard choice between the redheads in question. Obviously all of them are outstanding women with traits you'd want to keep by your side for an extended time but it seems as if the majority of you agree with me that Amy Adams is marriage material (followed closely by the choice to wed Chastain), with the majority dating vote going to Jessica...
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BOTB Sidekick Babes: Anna Kendrick vs Hailee Steinfeld vs Selena Gomez

There wasn't a huge amount of feedback in last weeks' battle of the actresses from THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, although you all seem torn between Emily Blunt and Haley Bennett for the most part (poor Rebecca Ferguson). This week I reall ystruggled to come up with something that could be based around one of the movies getting released this week but honestly none of those flicks appeal to me...
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Top 6 Hottest Singers (video)

It's not good enough to have a quality voice anymore in the music biz. In fact, one's singing skills are something they're fairly flexible about, now that Auto-Tune is a thing. No, the key feature of any aspiring young pop star is the bangability factor, which is to say do they make the kids horny for them? This is the true litmus test for anyone looking for success in that gig. Here...
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Selena Gomez perfects her dead girl in a bathtub pose for Vogue Australia

Who considers this type of thing attractive? I would think that the dudes in the world inclined toward the female of the species would prefer them to be a step above lifeless. But Vogue is hardly the periodical intended for dudes of that persuasion, so I have to wonder WTF Australians are up to, thinking that selling fashion with Selena Gomez posed dead-girl style in a bathtub is a smart...
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Selena Gomez gives Revival Tour attendees an eyeful of ass

Many things can drain every ounce of your energy after a long Fourth of July weekend. Prolonged exposure to the sun, in-laws and a shit ton of alcohol could leave you zombified for the next couple of days, recuperating on the inside while trying to stay awake on the outside. To help speed up the process, revive your senses with images of Selena Gomez's mesh covered ass cheeks hanging...
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Check out social media pics of top hotties like Ariel Winter & Bella Thorne

Most of the time social media junkies like Sara Jean Underwood , Aerial Winter and Bella Thorne will release sexy photos in the low, single digits – one or two to be exact. This can lead to some seriously hot shots being lost in the shuffle, as they don't meet the collection criteria needed to warrant a full post. In an effort to showcase some goodies that were released...
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One perk of a Selena Gomez meet & greet is snuggling up to her braless boobs

I really have to hand it to Selena Gomez for being so friendly and close with her fans after her Revival Tour shows. I know this is the standard thing now for many a celeb performer. They can't just run off the stage, duck into a limo, and drive away anymore. Nah, the fans demand more than that. They want to reach and out touch them for some selfies they'll never look at again. Unlike some...
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Selena Gomez promotes her Revival tour with a red hot Marie Claire shoot

The Fall/Winter of 2015 gave rise to a saturated celebrity media market, it's content comprised of – somewhere around 70% – Selena Gomez promotional material. 60% of said content was sexy pics of the fully ripened, young hottie. So I pulled those numbers out of my ass, but, if memory serves me right... I'm in the ballpark. We are in a constant state of over saturation...
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Selena Gomez gets wet while getting into the spirit of the season

I can't remember the last time I went frolicking through some sprinklers on a fun afternoon and then dried out in the sun with a Popsicle and some friends. Feels like a long damn time though. At some point such things just become silly. Either you become too old to see such things as fun, or the threat of skin cancer from all that sun exposure simply makes it not worth the risk. Now I just...
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BOTB Pop Hotties: Demi Lovato vs Meghan Trainor vs Selena Gomez

There was but a dull rumble when it came to picking your favorite new hottie to the X-MEN franchise (Sophie Turner, duh!) even though the film picked up a good (but not great when you compare the numbers of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) haul at the box office over Memorial weekend. This week, even though our Eric Walkuski is declaring the new TMNT movie to be the best one ever (come on, the bar...
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