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Shay Mitchell shows off her sexy sporty side for Self magazine

You can't go wrong with any of the lovely ladies from Pretty Little Liars but I still have a major soft (warm? fuzzy? trembling?) side for Shay Mitchell , the more exotic of the group, with her mixed Filipina heritage that reminds me of the girls I grew up with. I love that she's also the most unapologetic of the group, instantly telling Self Magazine that she's not going to have any...
2 days ago
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Kerry Washington's tight arse on the pages of Self Magazine

I finally understand why the beautiful Kerry Washington was cast in the hit series Scandal; she's got an ass made for a presidential pounding. In this photo set for Self Magazine she's displaying just how malleable her lower extremities are, and looking extremely appetizing while doing so. She seriously is in great shape. There isn't an area or major muscle group that...
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Nina Dobrev shows off her impressive flexibility in Self magazine

She's leaving "The Vampire Diaries" after tonight's episode, so it's apropos that Nina Dobrev would start to get flexible on us. Traditionally when actresses are stuck in popular TV show arcs for a long time, we end up getting to see them branch out afterward and I can't be the only one who is ready for her lovely Canadian self to perhaps show some skin or take on a grungy role for a movie....
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Julianne Hough brings you three times the hot covers for Self Magazine

I will forever and a day find Julianne Hough as cute as a button with some natural spunky attitude to spare. I also think she has one of the fittest bodies in the business. No silicone to enhance the smaller chest, taut everything because of her dancing background. It's interesting that in the interview with Self Magazine, Hough explains that she plans on shaving her head one day. "When I...
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Kaley Cuoco shows off her tight body in the January 2013 issue of Self magazine

First of all, if I could be Kaley Cuoco myself, I'd make that choice in a heartbeat. She's extremely well-paid as one of the ensemble cast of the highly popular sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory," at one point dated Johnny Galecki, which means she fulfilled one of my life's dreams - f*cking Johnny Galecki - and she's just plain funny, real and full of heart. The fact that she's back to her horse...
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