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Cara Delevingne doesn't look happy, but she does look frickin' hot

I don't know what it really is about model Cara Delevingne . I've heard a lot of people voice their negative opinions about her, but I think she's absolutely gorgeous. One trait about her (at least in these pics) is a little intimidating: her absolute blank face that's exuding seriousness. That's not to say it's not sexy, but damn, would I be a little intimidated by...
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Would you hit it? (Kat Von D)

I have tattoos. I have a strange, mangled way of thinking when it comes to tattoos. Some have called me a tattoo snob. I don't think I can truly deny that. I understand how I come off that way. I was raised by a mother who insisted that the only women who have tattoos are the biker chicks with bad reputations and even worse boyfriends. Her first step in determining that someone was no good was...
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