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Sophie Turner is a Glamorous Woman of the Year

Sophie Turner was one of many beautiful English hotties representing her homeland at Glamor's Women of the Year event in London last night. I'm about to geek out about Game of Thrones, so fair warning for those of you not into the show. Any way, so what did my fellow GoT fans think of Sophie's Sansa character and her transition to the dark side, so to speak, in last week's episode? A lot of...

A weekly dose of Hayley Atwell is the best medicine ever

Hayley Atwell was at the Seattle International Film Festival yesterday, showing off her new Jimi Hendrix biopic, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE, where she plays Jimi's English muse in the years just before he breaks large in the biz. Sounds interesting, but what I'm really excited about is her American TV arrival this fall. Not only was Hayley's Agent Carter my favorite thing about the first...

We'll just be upfront about it and admit that we love Victoria Justice

3 days of Victoria Justice action. What can I say, the girl gets around and is easy on the eyes. This time around Vicky was participating in MTV's Upfront presentation on their upcoming shows and whatnot. Victoria was there representing her Eye Candy series premiering on MTV next year, which sees her play a tech geek who's online dating experience quickly turns sour. That's all well and...

We thank you for being so stunningly perfect, Emmy Rossum

It took me awhile to warm up to Emmy Rossum , I won't even begin to lie. While I could never have denied that she was a stunning beauty, I had trouble reconciling her with being more than just a (really, ridiculously) good looking brunette. One, I have to say, didn't win any points for being a girlfriend of that Counting Crows dude who seems to bed all of the hot actresses in...

Victoria Justice strutting sure makes for some great eye candy

"Well, the way they pick TV shows is, they make one show. That show's called a pilot. Then they show that one show to the people who pick shows, and on the strength of that one show they decide if they're want to make more shows. Some get chosen and become television programs. Some don't, become nothing."  Sorry. Had to. Anyway, Victoria Justice has made the...

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment are taking each other to the cleaners

Hottie overload! Hottie overload! Uber-hotties Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment are apparently going to star in a show together called Cleaners. Hopefully, every single episode involves Emmanuelle and Emily wrestling in chocolate pudding, gravy and whipped cream for, like, ten minutes. I'd imagine they'd go to a commercial break after that, but upon returning, we'd see them in a giant...

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