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Ariana Grande has a lot of covers for her cell phone

I must be getting old and I know that I'm borderline white trash (my grasp of the usage of your/you're is my saving grace in that regard) but I seriously cannot understand young people's obsession with owning so many different cell phone covers/cases. Yeah, I know that I should just concentrate on Seventeen magazine's cover model Ariana Grande and how good she looks in various colors of...

Troian Bellisario is no-lying pretty at her Seventeen magazine signing

One of the more realistic sides to the wildly unrealistic Family Channel show, "Pretty Little Liars," is the honest delivery of some truly hokey lines from the completely lovely Troian Bellisario , who is currently hawking her cover model feature in Seventeen magazine. Bellisario opened up to the magazine as a part of wanting to share with her young fans that life is not as perfect for her as...

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