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Emmanuelle Chriqui really dives into her new show

Have my all my fellow Emmanuelle Chriqui fans checked out her new Hulu series Shut Eye ? If not, you probably should. Things get interesting with her from the first episode when her character gets herself involved in this exchange at one point: Here's another, more NSFW clip from that scene. I'd call that one helluva fresh start for Emmanuelle. I think I can speak for...
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Face Off: Eva Green vs. Elizabeth Gillies

Ya'll chose Ana de Armas over Haley Bennett in last week's Face Off , even though it looks like we're going to see a lot more of Haley in years to come. But I understand. Just like their cigars, it's hard to deny the goodness of a beautiful Cuban hottie. This week sees Eva Green once again playing the witch in Tim Burton's MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN. It sure...
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The Top 6 Netflix Hotties (video)

They just came out with a survey saying something like 95% of Netflix's customers are satisfied with the experience they have there. Makes sense, when you consider all the fine ass hotties they got running around on some of their original series. If you have a Netflix subscription, you've probably seen at least one or maybe even all of the shows this week's Top 6 hotties...
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Sara Malakul Lane kicked off Kickboxer with her super tight dress

I don't know why the awesome run of Sara Malakul Lane content seemed to dry up for some strange reason about a year ago (although we did our part earlier this year with an exclusive shoot ). The Thai phenom who ventured west to make her name here in the States certainly made a tremendous impact on us around here with those spreads. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of her movies thus...
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Face Off: Lizzy Caplan vs. Gillian Jacobs

What's this? Everyone agreeing with me about Carla Gugino defeating Rachel Weisz in a Face Off ? That's a little weird. I'm not used to having a near unanimous agreement with one of my choices here. But then I suppose the laws of probability make such a thing inevitable at some point. And Carla is a powerful hot woman. Hard to deny that. This week sees the premiere of the new...
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Hottie Clip: Melissa Rauch in The Bronze

Many of you are now familiar with  Melissa Rauch  and her extra-snug sweater jackets on The Big Bang Theory,  but you're about to witness the squeeky yet modest Bernadette in a whole new light. In case you hadn't heard, THE BRONZE is the R-rated comedy which follows Rauch as a gymnastics Bronze Medalist with a selfish demeanor and the...
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Hottie Clip: Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night

Over the years,  Yvonne Strahovski  has been a very giving hottie, albeit her company has been much less consistent since Chuck ended in 2012. Well, apparently she's missed us, too, and she's brought brought along some magnificent gifts for us in the form of her role in the crime-drama MANHATTAN NIGHT. Seriously, if you're a fan of Yvonne's, you no...
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Face Off: Alison Brie vs. Emmy Rossum

No clear winner between Paula Patton and Emmanuelle Chriqui in last week's Face Off . Another occasion when one is just as good a choice as the other. So we got another Alison Brie comedy coming out this week. They seem to be a dime-a-dozen lately. This new one, NO STRANGER THAN LOVE, comes across as some kind of surreal/quirky/cutesy story of a girl looking for love. Sounds...
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Top 6 Sexiest Asian Hotties (video)

Some might consider a fondness for Asian hotties, like those in this week's 6-pack roundup, something of a fetish. I don't buy that. When I think of fetishes I think of people strapping themselves into devices or demanding the use of a utensil of some sort to get them off. Asian women are just like any other hottie out there, in that they put their own special spin on what being...
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Rose McIver was making everyone think about undoing her buttons

I sometimes feel a little guilty getting all ravenous over Rose McIver here, doing the requisite Upfront events just like practically every other TV actor as of late. She's just so adorable and sweet. I almost don't want to sully her with any vulgar descriptions of my basest thoughts and feelings. Almost. Let's face it, the button down dress with the little flashes of skin and the absent...
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Hottie Clip: Aubrey Plaza in Dirty Grandpa

This may be a matter of opinion, but Robert De Niro seems to have spent much of the latter part of his career steering away from films that bear resemblance to his classics. TAXI DRIVER to THE INTERN. THE GODFATHER PART II to MEET THE FOCKERS. RAGING BULL to ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE. Most recently, he starred in DIRTY GRANDPA, in which he goes from being the King of Comedy to a...
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Hottie Clip: Morena Baccarin in Deadpool

Things take a turn for the absurd in today's hottie clip, but in one of the most magnificent ways possible. A bit of R-rated insanity aught to be expected now that DEADPOOL has just been released on various forms of home video. After the famous leaked footage led to Ryan Reynolds surprisingly getting a green light from Fox, it even more surprisingly made more money than...
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