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Esquire convinced Emilia Clarke that showing skin is always the right thing to do

Esquires is yet another periodical that saw fit to name Emilia Clarke the sexiest woman alive. The last time this was addressed I made it clear I vehemently disagree, but, if that's the excuse they needed to mitigate her flesh baring embargo; so be it. Still no straight up nudity, but there's enough of this fantasy matriarch of mythical, flying, fire-breathers to warrant a little...
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Forget GQ & KimK, Esquire thinks Penelope Cruz is sexiest of them all

In the article accompanying Esquire's choice of Sexiest Woman Alive (for the 2014 issue, at least), there is the claim that Penelope Cruz is "impossibly beautiful." Allowing some liberties to be taken with that statement and applying them in consideration of the opinion of the editorial writer, I can buy that. Going on to say "Cruz has no physical flaws, the bent...
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You want Shay Mitchell hotness galore? You got it

First it was Esquire magazine proclaiming her to the best sexiest woman alive. Now there's some Summer 2014 edition of a magazine called Galore (which looks as if its art department consists of 14-year old gay boys - what's up with the glitter stickers, yo?) showing us that it's time to recognize the insurmountable beauty of Shay Mitchell . I'm not sure what changed...
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Esquire magazine names its Sexiest Woman Alive of 2013: Scarlett Johansson

Originally it wasn't the "Sexiest Woman Alive," just so you know. Esquire magazine didn't first start dubbing their annual November "Women We Love" issues as the SWA issues until 2005, when the periodical named Jessica Biel its inaugural top female. Then again, it also named the 2013 winner, Scarlett Johansson , its winner in 2006, back when she was the youngest...
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