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Sharni Vinson decks the beach with butt cheeks for her Xmas

For the few of you who get tired of the big boobs of natural and fake varieties being pushed into your faces from this site, I thought some pictures of actress/dancer Sharni Vinson in her fit but flat glory on the beaches of Sydney, Australia might do it for you. The DRAGON BLADE star was hanging out with her family on the sands for Xmas, something more familiar for those down under (or the...
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Hot or Not: Sharni Vinson

I was so behind the times last week that I didn't even notice that they'd bumped the opening of STEP UP: ALL IN until I was checking the schedule at my local theater for the times it wasn't playing. It made me think about how in the line of SU movies, they bumped Briana Evigan (who is super hot in your eyes, apparently) for Sharni Vinson in the third installment. So I figured we could...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Sharni Vinson, star of Patrick and You're Next!

There's little doubt Sharni Vinson could kick your ass. Last year the Australian actress introduced herself to most of the world in YOU'RE NEXT, in which she played a sweet but deadly badass who singlehandedly took on a gang of masked murderers. While Vinson has been acting steadily for almost a decade - she was a fixture on Australia's popular soap opera "Home and Away" for several...
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