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Jennifer Lopez V magazine outtakes will knock you out

Frankly, it's been a long time since Jennifer Lopez has done anything that didn't bore me to tears. There was a lot of life sucked out of her once she became the big fussy diva, around her years with Diddy and Ben, and it all added up to a giant snoozefest for me. I know I'm not her target demo but by the time that she'd married Skeletor and pumped out those dragon twins...

Rihanna doesn't really like to wear clothes that much

Is this the best we can get for the time being? When I see pictures of Rihanna looking like THIS and THIS , I always kind of imagined to see her in public looking a little…sexier? Sure, she's pretty much naked and sure I can almost completely make out what Chris Brown has been beating up for so long (and no, I don't mean her face), but I just wish her attire could contribute to my...

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