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Rachel McAdams is superheroically hot in a sheer dress for Doctor Strange

If wearing pink on Wednesdays is her former thing, this going sheer for movie premieres thing is a far superior trend I'd like to see Rachel McAdams inspire. For a special screening of DOCTOR STRANGE in London, Rachel turned all kinds of head when people began to understand that the fancy dress she was wearing wasn't just covered with bird in flight but gave a insider's view of her...
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Rita Ora proves that lingerie isn't only for the bedroom

Whether she knows it or not, Rita Ora is out there working for us. The more she shows a propensity for wearing the kind of attire usually reserved for life's most intimate moments, the more other hotties will be inspired to do the same. How great would it be if wearing see-through lingerie in the place of a garden-variety cocktail dress was the new norm? No dress – I don't...
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Bryce Dallas Howard shows some black & white boob for VVV Magazine

It sure would be nice if someone would cast Bryce Dallas Howard in a role that requires her to finally show that beautiful (and frustratingly elusive) chest; if only for one unforgettable moment of boob-bearing bliss. Here's a collection of black and white missed opportunities for VVV Magazine that only feed our need to see; teasing us with a small collection of partial boob, sheer...
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Daniela Lopez Osorio makes a steamy entrance at The Gold Obsession Party

If the world's most alluring women weren't so obsessed with being regarded for their fashion sense, people like me wouldn't give two shits about New York fashion week, Paris fashion week or Yugoslavia's fashion week. During those weeks, events like The Golden Obsession Party take place and world renowned hotties come out of the woodwork to make a memorable impression. So it...
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Nichola Peltz wears two sexy outfits and one facial expression

Nichola Peltz would've been a spot-on casting choice for HBO's newly released series, WESTWORLD. With but a singular facial expression, that one note gaze makes her perfectly suited to play one of the fleshy animatronic attractions. The emotionless visage would help by making the park's patrons feel guiltless for committing violent acts of aggression. This hottie basically wore...
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Joanna Krupa is all excited about something

Way back when Joanna Krupa came onto the scene, myself, and many like-minded people, thought the Polish powerhouse was fixed to blow up. She did – but more like a hot blanket of napalm, not the high-yield warhead I would've thought (napalm is still pretty good, though; better than most). She has enjoyed plenty of success; there was a moment in time you couldn't surf the web...
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Chrissy Teigan chooses comfort over discretion when out and about

I love how Chrissy Teigan is aiming her brow at the ground, as if that's going to stop some timely photographer from snapping a few quick stills. And to be honest, her face isn't the subject of these photos... it's her unbound mom mounds made erect by the winds of fortune; fortunate for us anyway. These monuments to MILFs everywhere are sought after by all who lay eyes upon...
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Rita Ora wearing a dress that accentuates her rack

After the overwhelmingly positive response to Rita Ora's now classic (in my mind, anyway) Terry Richardson/Lui Magazine collaboration, it's no surprise she now – even more so than before – directs peoples attention to those breast, which, after being fully exposed to the world, many labeled as perfect – myself included. In some psychological studies when trying to...
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Much of Kendall Jenner on display while out with her model buddies

There are plenty of hotties featured around the web who play the attention game – it's why they're featured and that's the only real reason many of them are even remotely famous. Charlotte McKinney, Bella Thorne (before you call bullshit on that one; has she proven herself to possess any other talent than looking sexy as f**k?), and Emily Ratajkowski, just to name a few. And...
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Jennifer Lawrence is a gift that keeps on giving

It's pretty easy to be in love with Jennifer Lawrence . She's funny, smart, talented and one of those low-maintenance personalities that you hope to find in your own personal squad of girls and dudes. She's also rich and famous, which means that very little is off limits to her. And even with all of the shit she had to endure from The Fappening a couple years ago, she's still a resilient,...
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Rihanna promotes her upcoming video with the usual boobs and blunts

What can be said about the island exhibitionist, Rihanna , that hasn't been said a million times over? How many times can we gaze upon her pierced nipples before it grows wearisome? Myself, I never grow tired of it. I may not have an ear for her music but I definitely have an eye for her form. Here it is again, this time in a set of promotional photos she released ahead of her upcoming...
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Gigi Hadid puts on a brave face & something sheer for fashion awards

I feel bad for Gigi Hadid . Hadid's pet kitty Chub recently died and she's still out there presenting awards and looking like the top notch supermodel in the making. Hadid herself understands that she's only getting started in the modeling game, becoming emotional as she gave out an award to her mentor Carine Roitfeld, whom she credits with getting her career off the ground. As for that sexy...
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