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Battle of the Babes #189: Crazy Ass White Chicks

A lot of people talk about wanting to end the year with a bang. A good deal of people I know claim that the best banging comes from the craziest chicks. Sure, she might burn down your house, boil your pet or play it tame and just slash your tires, but crazy bitches be bangin', yo. Maybe I just relate. Maybe that's the reason why I thought this up. The world may never know. Ali...

Shiri Looks Sweet

It bugs me that Shiri Appleby is already being cast as a mother in a new television show when she isn't one herself and she's too young, even if the premise is that she gave up her baby when she was a teenager and the kid has come back to find her. I just keep thinking of how sweet she was and looked on "Roswell" and that if I could trade the career luck that Katherine Hag Heigl has had with...

Diamonds & Minka

There are far too many fashion show events. There are ones for the more famous names all the way down to the forgotten sluts of the 1980's and ones designed around reality television plastic ego-maniacal whores. After awhile, you don't know which end is up and even though THE ROOMMATE co-star, Minka Kelly, looked cute with her pretty smile and semi-matronly dress (sweetheart, don't make...

"Movies Rock" Babes

I've always been a gigantic fan of the relationship between the art of music and film which is what the "Movies Rock" event last night was all about. The event which will officially be aired on Friday, December 7th at 9pm EST was put together to honour the mix of the two medias which have been paired since the beginning and are still more popular than ever. A huge number of...

Shiri makes Six Degrees worth watching

We realize ABC's "pretending to be about the interconnectedness of us all but really about nothing" drama Six Degrees isn't the most engaging show in the world but you might wanna make room in your post- Grey's Anatomy Thursday night schedule for it because Shiri Appleby has been seriously steaming up the place prancing around in some insanely hot short shorts and lingerie. The...

Shiri Likes to Kill

Like most everyone out there, we first noticed Shiri Appleby when she played an alien or sorcerer or whatever in the Fox series "Roswell". We immediately took a shine to her quiet elegance, her mellow demeanor, her affable personality and her pulse-racing hotness. We were particularly impressed with her ability to escape the nude showcase HAVOC with all her naughty bits covered. We were...

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